2014 Beauty Picks


 It's hard to believe that 2015 is right around the corner! However as this is the case, I thought I would collect up my favourite products from the past 12 months. I hope you find this round-up somewhat insightful as to what I have been loving this past year!
Eye liners were kind of a thing for me this year..
In the picture above we have my top 3 eye liners or 2014 - 
This is the first ever gel liner that I have ever really used. It was quite hard to figure out at first, but once I got it working it looked great!
This is pretty much your bog-standard felt tip liner. It's easy to apply, dries quick and lasts quite the while.
This M.A.C eye liner is a dupe for the Collection Eye Definer liner, however the M.A.C liner doesn't smudge throughout the day and is therefore much more suitable for the waterline. 

Revlon are a bit good, aren't they?!
These two products are from Revlon's Colourburst collection which I think was released this year, if not the year before. I was a little late to trying the products but I'm so glad I have because they are so lovely!
Skincare + a powder - a tad random this one
Next up, from left to right to bottom, if that makes any sense whatsoever!
This toner is for combination/oily skin - which I just so happen to have! Its purpose is to minimize pores and to reduce excess oil as well as removing impurities.
I usually apply a little of this after I use the toner. I haven't noticed a huge difference since using it, but it smells really nice and the packaging is really cute; so it still counts right?
This is a pressed powder. It makes your face look a lot less oily. I feel very strongly about this powder. It is very good. You should buy it. And yes, it is worth the money.
Lip stuffs and Concealers now!
I usually put either of these two on before I go to bed, they work really well and have stopped my lips from cracking during these cold winter months.
And last but not least, a mascara
It lengthens, volumizes, does the whole lot!

Happy new year!!!

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