Painted onto the Streets of London


Trafalgar Square has always been home to amazing street performers, buskers, musicians, and artists; however they are very rarely appreciated and their talents are rarely showcased. So whilst I was recently in Trafalgar Square, I thought I would take a few photos of the street artists' work, to capture their art work as once it rains, everything gets washed away.
'Peace and Love'

Image says: "Hello Everybody!! Please feel free to take your pictures and leave your comments on: NATALIA FREEMAN fb page. Thanks!"

Image says: "Good day. Thank you for pausing to read my poetry. For more of my work please visit facebook, THE HOMELESS BARD, please like the page and spread the message. Thank you!"

Image says: "Freddy, Italian artist. Fb // FREDDY CHALK. Insta // FREDDY ROCCIA

Image says: "Only the best street musicians ever! Play here!"
Find the artists - 
Freddy Roccia: Facebook, Instagram.

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