I know it's mid-way through July already but ssshhh time doesn't even exist...

Was thinking I could start doing these little 'my month in photos' type of things, just as a way to get a little closure on each month and move on from everything that seems to slap me in the face day in day out. So without further ado, your presence is graced with, 'June.'

The entirety of June seems to be a little bit of a blur tbh, with too many drunken nights and too many nights full of tears and too many deep thoughts and too  many things happening all at once it just seems to be a bit of a mess, but hey.
Looking at that beautiful plasma ball in the sky 
June brought about a great deal of sleep deprivation, starting with the nights spent cramming for my final exams and ending with watching the sunrise on more than one occasion - fun fact, it's better to stay up the entire night that to wake up to see the sunrise cos getting up at 4am hurts no matter how pretty the view is gonna be.
Another fun fact: tampons are  great for getting a bonfire going if you run out of kindling. 
I'm just so full of the life advice right now can we just take a moment to appreciate my wisdom. 
Field appreciation collage 
With June came about a lot of quotes which I intended to follow the principles off, it sort of backfired.. Sort of... I think.. I mean I'm not quite sure, but consequently, I feel as though I am in the suitable position to advise never to take a quote too literally and never use words that mean something to you to justify your actions *she says completely ignoring her own advice.*
There was a bunch of birthdays to celebrate this month as well as a lot of loss which led to a serious amount of emotional days and nights and slight emotional instability, but I pulled through folks, unharmed and unscathed. Just.
A lot happened and I feel like I've lost quite a few people who meant and still do mean a lot to me. I said lots of words I shouldn't have said and did a lot of things I probably shouldn't have done and got into so many pointless arguments that have pushed people away, yet on the flip side I've also grown closer to a few people, one of which being my best friend who I hadn't spoken to in 8 months, just because. Life just got in the way and with a blink of an eye 8 months had passed and I suddenly realised that I'd lost a piece of myself. But hey let's not get too deep cos time isn't a thing and life might not even be real so who cares right? 

Not sure quite where I want to go from here, but although it seems like everything has been messy and chaotic, I personally think chaos looks good on me (if any of you get that reference I LOVE YOU). So I'm just going to keep on keeping on and try not to waste this incredible 11-week summer I've been granted. 
Until the end of July, my fellow readers, ciao xx

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