Cortina & The Dolomites


Nothing makes a holiday quite like a trip up the Alps. Personally, I'm not the type of person to enjoy lying on a beach relaxing for days on end, I mean it's great for a few days, but eventually, the urge to explore takes over.
So when we were in Italy, myself and the fam took a trip to Cortina and then onto the Dolomites to add a few mountains to our holiday experience.
Cortina is this adorable little town at the bottom of the mountains. In the winter it kind of morphs into the base of a ski resort but in summer it's this quiet little town filled with adorable coffee shops and insane views.
Legit would love to live somewhere like this one day. I mean who wouldn't? There are very few people, so avoidance of human interaction would be very possible, there's green literally everywhere, and there are lakes, so like, what more could you want?
Currently sporting an army green halter neck top from H&M, and black denim shorts also from H&M.
fyi I'm not sponsored at all by H&M, but like if they'd want to, I'd so be up for that.
We got two cable cars up to the top of the ski resort and in between taking photos and experiencing that thinner air we grabbed some grub and I had some killer spaghetti bolognese, so you know, if you're ever up in the Dolomites, try and find that lone restaurant on the mountains and try the spag bol cos trust me, you won't  regret it.
My face, again.
This time, I'm also wearing a flannel shirt from TKMaxx that's 3 sizes too big cos I've sort of stopped looking at sizes when I shop now.
I may or may not have sprinted up this hill the second I saw it... did it for the lols didn't I
Honestly, feel so at home in places like these. Reminds me of skiing a few years ago and how much I miss it. It's honestly a whole other world up here, separate from everything else.
Can we pls just take a moment to appreciate this rock formation
You know you're a true adventurer when you fangirl over the landforms like a 12-year-old girl meeting 1D for the first time.
hey, it's me again :)
such a poser
such a twat
After spending some quality time on the very large rocks, we headed back down the two cable cars and headed back to the hotel, twas a fun day, possibly the best day of our week in Venice, would recommend to all.
Honestly, feels like someplace you'd find in Scandinavia but honest to God this was Italy right there
Lake appreciation
This lake was observed on our way back from the Dolomites, essentially it's just a large expanse of water, but those who adventure will know that it's so much more than that.

Love mountains. 
Love life.

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