Currently: At 40,000 ft


Currently… at 40,000 feet watching Batman vs Superman. It's a bit disappointing tbh; lots of jump cuts, not really sure why they're enemies all of a sudden, don't understand why they're fighting.
40,000ft above you all
Currently // flying at 40,000 feet on my way to Florida from London.
Listening to // Nothing; watching a movie, but I mean I've got my headphones in listening to the movie obvs, but I'm not listening to music or anything, although earlier I was jamming to Sleeping With Sirens because I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THEM LATELY OH MY GOSH.
Reading // Nothing - watching batman.
Feeling // kinda bloated :/ not so much cos of what I've eaten, but more just that I'm up in the sky in a sealed container kind of bloated, you know?
Eating // a fudge bar, appreciating all of that Cadbury goodness.
Drinking // water, but desperately wanting a cup of tea cos I'm British and seem unable to go five munites without one.
Wearing // leggings and a really cute flannel shirt that I just bought from TKMaxx.
Loving // the business class mini bar on the plane... like who has a bar on a plane?!
Looking forward to // Florida.
Wanting // Iron Man 3 to be included in the film selection on the plane's mini TVs, seriously BA, not impressed.
Watching // Batman vs Superman.
Hoping for // a safe journey, a safe landing, sleep.
Missing // friends, also Reese's Peanut butter Cups.
In need of // sleep.

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