Very little of July was actually spent at home and as the majority of my whereabouts has been posted on the Blog already, I'll keep this brief.
Loving those views
July kicked off with a week spent in Lilo di Jesolo, near Venice, with my dearest mother and my younger brother. We spent a day in Venice, spent a few days relaxing on the beach, and went up the Dolomites for a little adventure.
It was honestly such an incredible week and Venice is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.

After a couple days spent back at home doing nothing apart from sleeping and binge-watching Netflix, as well as a quick lunch with the girls, myself and my brother hopped on a plane with my dad to Florida which is where I am currently.
Currently obsessing over pretty sunset skies
Again, the majority of our trip so far has already been documented through the gazillion travel posts I've published recently, and that will no doubt continue into August, but here's just a quick update.

We spent a couple of days in Tampa, doing a bit of shopping and seeing some family friends. After Tampa we waddled on down to Anna Maria Island which sits itself on the Gulf Coast. We've just finished spending a week there on the island and on Saturday we drove down to Naples which is where we are now.
Naples - watch this space for Naples related travel posts ;)
We're in Naples for a week before heading back home to London, where finally, I will be able to return to my preferred Netflix binge-watching lifestyle.

July has been a bunch of giggles but it has also kinda stressy and it has been a while since I've seen most of my friends. Hopefully, that will change in August.

Pretty chuffed about how July has turned out, despite having a couple of really rough days where I couldn't seem to keep my head above the water.
Currently pretty hyped for August, although I'm definitely dreading results day...

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