Current Situation in Existance - an ice cream crisis and thoughts from Italian soils


Currently in Italy with the fam, lying on a sunbed in 30-degree heat.
Observations - I'm not a fan of heat, at least not without a fan present.
- As much as lying on the beach is hella fun, I'd prefer to be hiking or abseiling or cycling or just up in the mountains somewhere experiencing those picturesque landforms.
- Deffo not a fan of sun cream. Deffo don't appreciate the fact that my thighs stick together when I walk whilst covered in sun cream. 
- The lack of internet available to me at this current moment is deeply traumatic, however, it's nice to not talk to people cos people can be hella annoying when they grace you with their presence every minute of every day via the means of snapchat, insta and the twitosphere.
- I'm about as white as a piece of paper reflecting sunlight. I have the inability to tan. Instead, I just burn and peel. Not fun. Although the peeling part is a tad satisfying. #dontjudge.
- Currently obsessed with using #'s in everyday conversation; think I'm morphing into what is commonly known as a hipster, although let's be honest, take one look at my aesthetic and you know I'm above that lyf.
Pretty convinced I've just about got my shit together, pretty much know what subjects I want to be taking next year and where I want to be educated, pretty much know how I want to spend the rest of summer, pretty much have my priorities in check, pretty much got life sussed at this current moment in time. Pretty chuffed.

Currently 18 full days clean and counting. Applaud my success pls #killingthislivingthing #lovinlyf. 

Currently not quite knowing where I stand with at least 4 people, but not thinking about that rn cos did you hear I'm 18 days clean? Ain't nothing gonna bring me down *touch wood.*
Currently missing rain, and the cold. Heat is great but it feels a lil unnatural. Still don't quite understand what the giant yellow plasma ball in the sky is doing #whatisthisheat #whereistherainandmisery.

Definitely going to binge watch a bunch of movies and tv shows when I get home. Also, plan to blog a lot more since the whole excuse of having exams and having to revise has sailed over the horizon. 

Desperately in need of exercise. I miss running. Never thought I'd say that but I genuinely do feel out of place not being in my sports bra. I also just bought some new weights so hella excited to start using those. 

Currently debating what my favourite flavour of ice cream is. Used to be strawberry, now I'm not sure. All I know is that I hate chocolate ice cream. This uncertainty in my life has brought me to a bit of a mental standstill; can't move on with my life without knowing, you know? Anyways, watch this space cos I'll keep you updated on the ice cream front. 

Xx bye fans

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