Halloween Nail Tutorial


As today is Halloween, I thought I would show you how to do this fun Halloween nail tutorial. It's really simple! All you need is two nail polish colour - I chose black and orange, and a dotting tool. If you don't have dotting tools then you can just use something like a cocktail stick or a hairpin. I hope you enjoy the tutorial!

Start off by painting your nails black and orange, but make sure your fourth finger is painted orange because that is the finger the pumpkin will be on. Feel free to use different colours other than the black and orange, although using orange is probably the best colour for a pumpkin!!

Using a dotting tool, form 2 small triangles on the top half of your 4th finger nail to create pumpkin eyes. You don't have to use a dotting tool although this does make it a lot easier. You could use a toothpick, hairpin, or just the nail polish brush.

Using the same dotting tool, form a 'W' shape on the bottom half of your 4th finger nail. This creates the mouth of the pumpkin.

Then, using a dotting tool draw 2/3 lines down your nail. Use the other colour that you haven't used on that nail yet, so if my nail is painted black, I would do the stripes orange. Do this on all of your fingers.

So there you have it, a pumpkin stripy nail tutorial!
I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Hopefully I will be doing more nail tutorials in the future.
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Ellen xoxo

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