What will be happening in 2014



Firstly, I would just like to say Happy New Year to you all and a big thank you for the support I have received so far with my blog!
I thought i would give you a little insight as to what will be happening on my blog this following year.

Post Schedule
This year i will be trying to post once a week. I do want to post more often but i don't really have the time as i want to focus on my school work. So i should be uploading once a week.

I will continue to do fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts. Once a month i will be doing a Birchbox post showing you what i received each month in my Birchbox. I will also continue to review products, do nail tutorials and do other posts like that.
I am also hoping to do more lifestyle posts, showing you some of my favourite recipes and doing fun D.I.Y's. I will be uploading fashion posts on my favourite outfits and hauls.

If you have any post requests please click in the tab at the top which says Requests or just click 

Following my blog
If you want to follow my blog you can follow by email or by Bloglovin.
If you want to follow my blog by email you just have enter you email address into the "follow by email" section the side. You then will need to confirm and then you will receive an email every time i upload on my blog.
If you want to follow my blog through Bloglovin, you can click the button at the side of my webpage that says "follow me on Bloglovin".

Before i go, i would just like to say a really big thank you for all the support i have received so far on my blog.
I am really looking forward to the upcoming year and i hope you're excited for what i have in store!

Xx Ellen

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