A Little Bit of Spring Fever


As i'm writing this, i'm sitting on the patio absorbing the gorgeous sunshine whilst listening to 'I see the light' from Disney's Tangled soundtrack. - am I in heaven, I think yes!!

I'm super excited for Spring this year as I feel the sun always makes things a little better and always brightens my mood. There's so much to look forward to at this time of year, so I thought I would share a few of my favourite things about Spring with you!

* Walking down the road seeing all the blossom trees look so pretty scattering baby pink petals onto the road, making it feel as if you are walking through confetti.

* Being able to wear short sleeved tops and be able to go outside without freezing.

* Easter. Easter Eggs. Chocolate. - Enough said..

* Ice Cream. My favourite is Raspberry Ripple from M&S sprinkles with hundreds and thousands!

* When the butterflies and bumble bees start to emerge.

* When Daffodils and other beautiful flowers start to show their faces.
* Being able to have cute picnics and go outside in the garden.

* Buying new clothes for the Spring and Summer!

* When you wake up and it's not pitch black in your room, and you can hear the birds sing from outside your window.

So that's about it! As you can probably tell, Spring makes me feel a bit like i'm in a fairytale. I half expect birds to help me tidy my bedroom when I clap my hands at a moments notice! :P

Tell me your favourite things about Spring in the comments!!
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Xoxo Ellen

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  1. What are your favourite things about Spring? xoxo Ellen


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