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I have been running this blog for a while now and so I thought this is a good time to tell you a little more about it. To explain to you why it is what it is. As well as tell you about what kind of posts I have lined up and what things might be happening to my blog in the future.

Why I started this blog:
I've always loved to write and the idea of having my very own blog was always one that excited me; although I wasn't really sure if it was for me as I had never done anything like this before.
I was considering starting a blog for about 6 months before I actually went ahead and started one! The reason it took me so long is that I didn't feel that my writing was good enough, and I wasn't quite sure what I would write about as I am interested in so many things. In the end I decided to give it a go and if after a while I decided this wasn't for me I would just stop. However after Paint The Roses Red began, I realized how much I love doing it.

Paint The Roses Red:
As some of you may already know, I have a slight obsession with Lewis Carroll, particularly Alice in Wonderland. I knew when I was trying to think up a blog title that I wanted it to be linked with Alice in Wonderland as I feel as though the story is part of what makes me, me. However I had quite a few possible titles that I would've gone with; for example: 
'Why is a Raven like a writing desk?'
'It's always tea time!'
'Curiouser and Curiouser.'
In the end I went with Paint The Roses Red because it sounded quite feminine and that possible title really stuck out from the others.

Which Bloggers inspire me:
I read and follow a lot of blogs however there are a few bloggers which really inspire me. A few of those include:

I also get inspiration from a few YouTubers such as:

Posts to look forward to:
I have loads of really fun and hopefully interesting blog posts lined up for the next few Summer months. Some of these include:
A Florida Trip Photo Diary - as I will be going to Florida for 2 weeks, I thought it would be fun to do a photo diary.
10-15 Books you should read this Summer - I haven't quite decided on the number as it depends on how many books I think are worth recommending to you.
How to revise for exams - As it is exam season soon I thought it would be helpful to give you some tips for revising for exams and how to avoid stress.
Books being made into films - Loads of books are being made into films so I thought I would tell you about some of the ones I am most looking forward to.

I will also be doing posts such as Lookbooks, Nail Tutorials, Birchbox Un-Boxing's, Hauls and Reviews. So there is a lot to look forward to!

What has happened recently and what will be happening:
Recently I have joined the Next Blogger Network and a while ago I joined the Etailpr Blogger Network. I have also been doing quite a few more lifestyle posts recently which I have really enjoyed writing. I have also fairly recently given my blog a makeover as I thought it needed a bit of a change as it is progressing and growing bigger. 
Within the next few months I will hopefully be able to set up some advertising on my blog, most likely though Google Adsense. Within the next few months I would also like to set up a 'Your Thoughts' page which can be accessed from the top bar of my blog. This page would be for respectably discussing things and sharing thoughts and ideas. I was thinking it could also be a place where you could promote your own blog my leaving the link. So far this is just an idea however hopefully I can create something of this in the near future.

Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions or constructive criticism on how I could improve my blog, but please don't be too harsh!!

xoxo Ellen

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