Tumblr, oh Tumblr.


Tumblr. My microblogging bestie. A portal of text posts and gifs to enlighten me. Well today, I thought I would enlighten you. Or rather just present some of the posts I have liked/reblogged recently; to show you a little snippet of my tumblr blog!
First I thought I would share with you some of my recent reblogged stuffs that have made an appearance.

Next I thought I would show you some of the posts I have recently liked, to show you some of the blogs I follow.
So that is my Tumblr blog in a nutshell! I hope you liked this little insight, I am thinking of doing on similar for Pinterest but we shall see. Feel free to hop on over to my Tumblr blog and take a quick look and also feel free to send me a message in my ask box, I'm pretty much always scrolling through my feed so I always read messages pretty quickly!

Au Revoir!

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