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I started my some of my GCSE courses in Year 9, the rest I started in Year 10. This year, I'm taking all my exams. So I have pretty much grasped what it's like to endure studying 11 courses at once, only to know that you will have to sit 20+ exams at the end of them. These tips are aimed at those who are just beginning their courses, however the tips I give here will also apply to whatever course or subject you may be studying at the moment.
Below I will also leave links of YouTubers who make really good school/exam related videos, as well as a few particular videos I have found really useful. I will also leave links to various posts from Pinterest and Tumblr which are also helpful, and if you have any tips or constructive thoughts, please leave them in the comments.
Tips for Surviving your GCSE's
1) Make revision notes as you go along so you don't come up to end of years having to write notes/mind maps/flash cards for all your subjects. - It's best to write your notes for each topic/module less than a week after you've finished covering it in class. That way it's still fresh in your mind.

2) You just have to sit through the pain. In 2 years you will be done, it genuinely is a thing of just waiting it out and working hard. I know you will then either leave school or go to college or A Levels or go down a different path, but A levels in particular are different, GCSE's are more of a memory game. After you GCSE's you will actually be applying your knowledge. - trust me, it's different. For your GCSE exams, it genuinely is a case of memorizing everything...

3) Yes, most of the subject matter is pointless, no you won't ever need it in life, and it is unlikely you will remember it anyways after your exam. However for the time being you do need to learn it and you do need to revise it because you will most likely need it during the exam. There's a lot of information to absorb, so make sure you plan ahead and give yourself enough time to revise.

4) Don't waste your time complaining, it's a waste of energy. 

5) De-stress!!! Yoga works. So does meditation. It helps; you should try it.

6) If you're stuck, just google your essay questions! Your teachers will most likely give you essays to write that have come from revision guides or than are commonly used across the board. Hundreds of people have most likely written the essay you are trying to write, so just google your essay title if you get stuck of points to make. But DON'T copy the essay; it's plagiarism; teachers will be able to tell it's not your work; don't even try to get away with it... Because you won't.

7) Stay hydrated. Water - It hydrates you, keeps you focused and makes you feel better. So keep drinking lots of water during lessons!

8) Sleep. A lot. Everything seems worse when you're tired, so make sure you get enough sleep.

9) Buying your textbooks so you have your own copy which you can annotate is a good idea, but they can be quite expensive, so try buying them off older students or second-hand.

10) It honestly doesn't matter if you do your homework the night before, as long as you do it to a good standard. You will get caught up with homework from time-to-time but it's fine to do it the night before as long as you don't rush it too much.

YouTubers worth subscribing to (for school help)
Jamie Miles - Jamie Miles is a Philosophy, Politics and Economics graduate from Magdalen College, Oxford University. He creates videos from uni application help, to revision tips, to Q&A's.
An Odd Education - Created by Jamie Miles; the YouTube channel gives tips on how to achieve your academic goals. 
Jake Wright - Jake Wright studies Computer Science at Queens' College, Cambridge University and shares his experience through making vlogs on YouTube. 
Simon - Simon makes videos about about physics, climate and studying, whilst also giving people advice on applying to Oxford and Cambridge, from the perspective of a successful applicant and recent graduate.
YouTube videos worth watching (again, for school help)

School help from Pinterest & Tumblr

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