DIY Christmas Ornaments


So today I'm going to show you how to make your own Christmas ornaments. These are really easy to make and are so much fun!

You will need the following things:

In the picture above I have:
* 2 'Noel' picture frames
* 6 sets of snowflakes stung in 3's
* And 1 small sleigh

I bought all of these from Hobbycraft which is really lovely craft shop. They weren't at all expensive so these are perfect for you to customise.

You will also need to get some spray paint that's suitable for spraying crafty-like things! Choose whatever colours you like! I bought mine from Hobbycraft and I got two cans one in silver and one in gold.

Once you have everything you need all you need to do is start spraying!

Remember to put down plenty of newspaper on the surface you’re spraying on; so that the paint doesn't spray on anything you don’t want it to. You could do the spray painting outside if you prefer.

When you're doing the photo frames; make sure you take the glass and the card out from where you put the photo!
You will need to allow a few hours for the paint to dry but once the paint has dried you can place the decorations anywhere you want!

And that's it! It's so straightforward and really inexpensive; the end results look really good!
I hope you want to try this out as it's so much fun! If you do give this DIY a go make sure you take a photo of the end result and post it in the comments so I can see how you did!

xoxo Ellen

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