Reindeer Nail Tutorial


So as it's really near Christmas I thought I would show you a fun reindeer nail tutorial. For this design you will need some nail stripers and dotting tools, but if you don't have either of them you can just use a toothpick instead of the stripers and a hair pin for the dotting tools.

You will need nail polishes the same colour as the ones I am using. Or you can use the exact same ones in the picture above for this design.
Firstly; paint all your nails brown apart from your fourth finger. You can paint your fourth finger any colour you like but I picked a bright red.

Then, using a nail striper draw on 2 black antlers on each of you nails (apart from your fourth finger!). Make sure the antlers are painted to the tip of your nail. They should look a bit like twigs in the sense that they have small "branches" coming off of them!
 Once that has dried, use a dotting tool dipped in white nail polish to form the eyes of you reindeer. To do this just put 2 blobs below each antler.
Then using a smaller dotting tool dipped in black nail polish, put 2 smaller dots on top of the white dots. This gives your reindeer some eyes!
Then using a red nail polish; place 1 dot below in the middle of the eyes of your reindeer. This gives you reindeer a bright red nose!
Once all the nail polish has dried go over your nails in a top coat or add a coat of glitter if you want!
Xoxo Ellen
p.s. Hopefully I should be posting more now that school has finished for Christmas, so if you see a few more blog posts unusually popping up, that's why!

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