Winter Lookbook


Today I thought I would share some of my favourite winter outfits with you!

Outfit 1
What I'm wearing:
Top - Jack Wills short sleeved top £20
Leggings - Primark fitness range £3
Jacket - Karen Millen
I have worn this outfit several times over the past few winter months and I keep coming back to this jacket. I absolutely love Karen Millen and this jacket is really easy to pair with pretty much anything. I bought the top in the January sales for £20, although I think is was reduced from £40.

Outfit 2

What I'm wearing:
Coat - New Look navy winter coat. £29 reduced from £44.99
Leggings - Primark fitness range £3
This quilted jacked is really what I wanted to focus on in this outfit. It's really practical as it keeps you warm and has multiple pockets. 

Outfit 3
What I'm wearing:
Top - Jack Wills short sleeved top £20
Jeans - River Island
Necklace - From a French market stall
Ring - Not on the high street, Cathy Rose ring. £9.50
Bracelets - gift from a friend.
I really like the River Island jeans at the moment. Although I am finding with this pair that I usually need to wear a belt with them.

Outfit 4
What I'm wearing:
Jumper -  New Look £20
Leggings - Primark fitness range £3
Socks - Topshop polka dot frilly socks. £3.50
Ring - Primark £1.50
I absolutely love this jumper from New Look and have been able to get so much wear out of it the past few cold months. I have also been loving the socks from Topshop. They always have a sale on their socks - 3 pairs for £8. Every time I walk into Topshop I need so much self control to not buy all the cute frilly socks! 

Which one of these outfits is your favourite; 1,2,3 or 4? Leave your answer in the comments!
I hope you like my first Lookbook!
Xoxo Ellen

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