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Hey, I hope you're all doing well :)

The next few weeks are what I like to call exam season - an extensive, dreaded period full of cramming, stress, and a time where most students lose their sanity due to exams.
Most of my exams are next week, so I thought I would share with you the ways in which I revise as well as some tips on revision.

1) Clear away the clutter
If you have all your work and revision out in front of you it can become overwhelming and confusing as all your work is muddled up. So clear away your things as you go. Once you have finished revising one topic or subject, tidy those related things away before you start on the next. - if that makes any sense at all!
By doing this you will be able to keep a level head and do things one step at a time.

2) Create a schedule
This can help you to prioritize what needs to get done first as well as helping you organize your time effectively. I always think it's good to allow yourself enough time to overrun though. Sometimes when i'm revising I take longer on somethings than I do others, so I find it useful to allow myself a bit of leeway time in my schedule.

3) Minimize any possible distractions
By minimizing any possible distractions, you are minimizing the chance of you getting distracted. - It's quite self-explanatory really...
I do this by keeping my phone turned off and in a drawer, making sure the place i'm working in is quiet and making sure there is nothing else that could possibly distract me. I usually end up revising in the spare bedroom on the floor because I can't even work in my bedroom without losing focus!

4) Colour code
I like to colour code all of my notes with various highlighters and I am then able to clearly see the key points and information. I also like to underline with coloured fine liners.

5) Get enough sleep
Whenever I don't get enough sleep, my brain won't focus. It's impossible for me to try and do some work if i'm too tired. So if you're having trouble focusing, it may be because you are too tired...

6) List everything
This certainly doesn't work for everyone, but I find this is one of my best revision techniques as well as being the best way for me to stay organized. Each day I'm revising I create a to-do list; I also number my top 3 things I really need to get from that list. This really helps me keep on top of everything and know exactly what I have to do.

7) Post-It
I like to keep post-it notes stuck on my mirror with the things that I need to remember. I would recommend that you keep the sticky notes in a place where you will see them a lot. It's no use writing out sticky notes and then keeping them in a drawer.

8) Take breaks
Taking short, frequent breaks is really good for allowing you to stay really focused during the time you should be working. By taking short and often breaks you are minimizing the chances of being overwhelmed by your workload.

9) Select the key points from you notes/rewrite your notes
If you go through previously taken notes, you can quickly select out the key points, dates, statistics etc. This allows you to pick out what you really need to know. Or if you find it more useful you can rewrite your notes, this might help you retain the information.

10) Flash Cards
I like to write any vocab I need to learn or key terms on small flash cards. Then I get other people to test me until I can remember all the information. I find this method of revision really effective as the other person doesn't need to know much about the subject to be able to help you if you get stuck, as the answer is clearly written on the back of the card. This makes it much easier for the questioner.

I really hope at least some of these tips help you with your revision! If you have any more tips or questions about how I revise please put them in the comments!
Good luck with any revision you may have to do in the near/distant future :)

xoxo Ellen

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  1. If you have any of your own tips or techniques please share them! xoxo Ellen


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