A Christmas DIY Cluster Thing


Since the beginning of time, I have had an interest in Christmas wrapping. Particularly the pretty things which can be plonked on top of Christmas presents. As a result of this slightly obsessive interest of mine, I bring you a Christmas DIY Cluster Thing.. Enjoy
You will need the following:
- an old magazine full of colourful pretty pictures
- a stapler
- a pair of scissors
- and a trusty bar of chocolate - just to keep you going

After making your way through half the bar of chocolate, you are going to want to cut 3 thin strips from your magazine. Each of mine were 29.5cm long in case you were wondering.

Then you're going to want to loop each strip of paper round like I have done (in the picture, duh) and then staple it in place using your trusty stapler. It should look a bit like an infinite sign, so if it doesn't, you're doing it wrong... 
Loop and staple all 3 strips of paper. So it looks like you have multiple infinite signs floating about your bedroom floor. 
Next, you need to take one fancy infinite loop thing and put it inside another. Then staple that in place.
You then want to take your final loop, and pop that one inside the others. Then you can staple that in place. (Or if it is easier you can just tape it in place!) 
Now we move on to the next stage of my DIY bow thing.
You want to do a similar thing to last time, by cutting 3 slips of paper from your magazine. These 3 slips however, need to be a couple of cm shorter that the previous ones.

Again you need to loop each of them round and staple them. 
Like before, you are going to need to place on infinite loop thing inside the other and secure it in place. 
Once you have secured all 3 infinite loops, you can move onto the final stage of the DIY! 
You should now have two 'loop clusters', one bigger than the other. 
Place the smaller loop cluster inside the bigger loop cluster and secure it either by stapling them together or by using tape. 
For the very center, cut a final strip from your magazine. Size doesn't really matter as long as you know it will fit in the middle of the final cluster.
You want to roll up the last trip of paper and secure it so that it won't unravel.
Then you want to place the roll inside the cluster and secure it in place.  
And there you have it! The final bow/cluster thing! 
I hope you enjoyed this DIY! Please let me know what you thought of it in the comments!

xoxo Ellen

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