Easter Nail Tutorial


I hope you all had/are having a wonderful Easter!
Today, I wanted to share with you some fun Easter nail art that's really easy to do.

For this design, all you will need is a White nail polish, a Black nail polish and some other nail polishes in a variety of colours, as well as a few dotting tools and a nail striper. You can buy dotting tools and nail stripers from Amazon and they are really cheep. Or as a substitute you could use bobby pins for the dotting tools, and a toothpick in replacement for the nail striper.
Step 1. Apply a clear base coat (I used one from Champneys). Then paint your fourth finger a bright yellow colour.
Step 2. Get your nail striper or toothpick and a white nail polish. I used a matte white nail polish from Revlon.
Step 3. Carefully draw a zigzag line across your fourth finger, on top of the yellow. The white is going to be the egg shell.
Step 4. Once you have drawn your line; fill in the bottom part of your nail up to the line.

Step 5. Now you want to get a small dotting tool and an orange nail polish. Mine was from Rimmel and is the same one I used in my Halloween Nail Tutorial.
Step 6. With the dotting tool, create a small triangle in the centre of your nail, above the white. In my opinion this looks best with the point of the triangle pointing downwards, if that makes any sense!
Step 7. For this step you can use a slightly larger dotting tool, or you can just stick with the same one. You will need a black nail polish. The black nail polish I've used is by Leighton Denny and is the same one I received in my February Birchbox.
Step 8. Create two larger black dots either side on the orange triangle to create eyes.
You have now created the accent nail of this design - a cute baby chick hatching from its egg! I promise the rest of this tutorial is a lot more straightforward!!

Step 9. Now you can paint the rest of your nails. I painted each of mine in a different colour to make them look more exciting. I went for some pretty pastel colours, however you can use whatever colours you want!
Step 10. With your nail striper or toothpick and a black or white nail polish, draw wavy lines horizontally across your nail. Draw the lines one below the other.
Step 11. Then use a small dotting tool to create small dots in the gaps between the waves. As I drew my lines in black I did the dots in white, but you can do them whatever colour you would like to.
By doing this you give your nails a fun, speckled look! After this I just went over all my nails in a top coat. :)
I hope you liked this nail tutorial, please let me know what you think in the comments! :)
xoxo Ellen 

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  1. Happy Easter!!
    Tell me what you think of this nail tutorial! :) xoxo Ellen


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