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I have recently just finished reading Paper Towns by John Green and I thought I would do a review of it to share with you my thoughts on the book. I'm warning you now there will be spoilers in this post!!!

So.. where do I start?
This book was split into 3 parts and I have very different opinions for each of them.

The first part of the book introduced the characters nicely and gave you a lot of description about them. The first part also showed you Quentin and Margo out at night; the last night before Margo left.
This part was probably my favourite as I really liked how much depth the characters had to them and I loved how John Green portrayed the relationships between all the characters. I also loved reading about Q and Margo's little adventure in the night and found it was really suspenseful and intriguing. It clearly showed how much Q would do for Margo even though they hadn't really spoken in years.

Part 2 was probably my least favourite part of the book. It was still interesting but it dragged on quite a bit. For most of this part the characters weren't really getting very far in solving the mystery of Margo's disappearance and when they did find a new clue or piece of evidence it would take them ages to get anywhere using that clue or evidence. It just seemed to drag on and it wasn't as capturing as the first part of the book.

I liked part 3 as it ended the book nicely; tying up all the loose ends. Although the whole book is about Q finding Margo and at the end of the book you find that although they get together, they then go there separate ways and she continues on her journey. I really didn't like this even though it wasn't the worst way to end this book. In my opinion it just seemed a bit pointless as Q had gone all this way to find Margo and then they go their separate ways again. I mean.. why?!

Overall though, this book was really captivating and was an excellent read. I would recommend you read this book despite some of the things I have just mentioned! The characters were very believable and had a lot of depth to them and the whole story seemed very thought out which I really liked.

If you've read this book tell me what you thought of it in the comments as I would love to hear your opinions!

xoxo Ellen

p.s. My March Birchbox arrived really late so I am going to be doing a March and April Birchbox unboxing post soon.

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