TK Maxx Summer Dresses Haul


Last week I popped into tk maxx in the hunt for some new summer dresses. I can certainly say that my trip was not a disappointment! So today, I thought I would share with you the three summer dresses I bought...

Dress 1 -
This dress cost £9.99 and comes with the black belt. You may not be able to tell from the photos but the pink is really bright; almost florescent. This dress is really comfortable and comes up to about mid-thigh; it's short sleeve and is fairly stretchy. It has a really pretty floral pattern all over the dress in the black material.
Dress 2 -
This outfit was £14.99 and is made from quite a thin material however it is really comfortable. Again this dress is short sleeved and comes up to about mid-thigh. It has two long pieces of material at the side, made of the same material as the dress, to tie as a bow at the back. The only thing I'm not so keen on is the low neckline. I would prefer the neckline to be not as low, however I'm not too bothered by it. This dress has really cute pleats at the waist to give it a bit more shape. I absolutely love this as it makes the dress into something more than just an ordinary black dress.
Dress 3 -
This dress was £16.99 and you could say it is a maxi dress. If is floor length and is made from a really thin silky material. It's strapless and the material has this amazing complicated pattern on it. This dress has a slit in it where the fabric parts which I really love! The dress hangs quite low at the back and is suitable to wear over a swimming costume; hence why it's perfect for the summer months!
So those were the 3 dresses I bought last week. All of them are from tk maxx and all of them were under £20 which I am incredibly pleased with!
Let me know which of the three dresses is your favourite in the comments! I have to say, I think my favourite is the first outfit as it's the most comfortable however I honestly love them all! :)
xoxo Ellen

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  1. Which is your favourite dress; 1,2 or 3? xoxo Ellen


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