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Unfortunately, it is that time of year when the younger generations head back to school to receive a fragmented education. Oh the joy..

Enough of the 'oh woe is me' attitude.. Although this looming thought is a bit of a downer, I always get very excited because it is the perfect excuse to go stationery shopping. Because you never know when you will need those 3 pricey notebooks you bought as spares.

So today I bring you a stationery haul, which includes many things I probably won't use this academic year, or any year for that matter.

This year, I bought all of my new school supplies from WH Smiths. The links to everything I have bought will be at the bottom of this post. In the picture above I have lots of folder dividers, 10 blue inc BIC pens, a pink 15cm ruler, a pencil case, and three notebooks.

In the picture above I have three smaller folders and two larger folders.

I absolutely love to buy stationery because it always gets me motivated when going back to school. It gives me a slightly inaccurate idea of never-ending productivity which somehow motivates me to work hard. I suppose I should complain about that though, as it is what pushes me to work hard at the beginning of term.

Let me know in the comments which subjects you are actually looking forward to learning about this academic year!

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xoxo Ellen

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