A Stolen Idea from Keeping It Sweet


As we have just sailed past Valentine's Day I have been inspired by some of the Valentine's Day themed nail art that has popped up on mPinterest dashboard. So today I want to show you some of the designs I created using a technique I learnt from my best friend.

The idea is that you use a slippy wallet to trace over your design, then you pop it on your nail!

If you want to learn how, hop on over to my best friend, Bethany's blog. She did a wonderful nail tutorial a little while ago explaining how!

As I mentioned before, this idea was taken from Bethany's blog, Keeping It Sweet. It is one of my favourite blogs to read and the posts are always so well thought out. Unlike mine!!!

So please hop on over to Bethany's blog and check out some of her posts! If you want to know about the nail tutorial then I will leave a link at the bottom!
I'll see you over on My Imagination on Paper next week!!

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