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Over the course of a few months last year, I created a second blog to run side by side with Paint The Roses Red. In January of this year, I launched my second blog and so I thought it was about time to shamelessly promote it over here!

My second blog is called My Imagination on Paper and I post on it every other week (the second and fourth week of every month, to be precise!). It has a similar layout to Paint The Roses Red however I tend to write about slightly different things over there. I say over there, but to be honest I tend to sit in the exact same place every week to write my blog posts so...

Anyway, My Imagination on Paper is where I write about the books I love, post short stories I've written and voice my opinions of various social issues that matter to me.
I created a second blog because I wanted to write about things other than beauty and fashion, but it didn't want to completely stop writing about beauty and fashion. And so I thought it were wise to have two intertwined blogs, so that the readers who are more obsessed with books than they are fashion have their own little space, and the readers who love makeup more than poetry also have their own little space. Of course you can always read both blogs, or neither of them.. I don't really mind to be honest.

What I am trying to say, or rather write, is that I hope you take the time to give My Imagination on Paper a quick look over; because you never know, it might just be your cup of tea!

I'll see you 'over there' next week then!

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