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Tonight Alive is an Australian band which I have recently fallen in love with. So today, I am going to review one of their albums; The Other Side.

The Ocean
With 'The Ocean' being the first song on the album, it was the first song I properly listened to. And can we just take a minute out to appreciate the badass instrumental intro here *literal perfection*! I feel like this song pretty much sums up Tonight Alive, the lyrics have meaning as do the instrumental lines. I absolutely love this song!!
Don't Wish
Don't Wish is definitely a song to listen to on a train, or on a car journey. The meaning behind the song is raw and is what I would probably call a breakup song, even though technically it isn't, at all.

Lonely Girl

Lonely Girls is probably one of my favourites from the album. It's one of those songs that allows you to switch the world off for a little while. But then on the flip side, the acoustic version allows you to multitask, if that makes any sense whatsoever! What I mean is that the acoustic is perfect to have on low volume and doesn't distract you if you are busy doing something. In a nutshell, Lonely Girl is a song that just works.
Hell and Back
Hell and Back is a bit of a recovery song, in the sense that the song is about when you are able to return from a hell. It's one of the more steady songs on the album and is definitely worth a listen if you’re feeling a tad gloomy.

The Other Side
The Other Side to me, sounds a bit Taylor Swift, but in a good way. I think a lot of people find this song very relatable as it is very skinny-love-esque. The Other Side particularly reminds me of Fifteen by Taylor Swift as both songs are kind of 'high-school' songs in a way. But The Other Side is just way better... 

The Fire
The Fire is another one of my favourites from the album. It's probably the fiercest song, at times is almost sounds metal-rock rather than pop-punk/rock. The bass and guitar lines are absolutely incredible and the vocal line is really strong the whole way through. It's a really powerful song and I've probably listened to it most out of all the other songs!


Complexes is one of the calmer songs with a steady beat and mid-tempo. However it does pick up and has an amazing chorus line. The vocal range is huge and really shows off what the band can do.

Come Home
 Come Home is probably for those who are more into the pop side of music than the punk side. It isn't as intense as the rest of the album but is still a really great song. It's really catchy and has a really fun rhythm.
Bathwater is literally the weirdest title for a song! However I'm not sure it can beat Fall Out Boy's song title of Our Lawyers Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued! Bathwater is what I call a bit of a relapse song. It's quite dark and is probably the song I've listened to the least on the album. Nonetheless it is a great song with brilliant lyrics!
No Different
No Different is again quite a dark song, however it has a stronger beat than Bathwater, which is probably why I prefer it. No Different isn't as intense as some of the other songs but it is still very catchy and the instrumental line in the chorus is amazing!

Say Please 
Say Please is the penultimate song on the album. It's dark and has a minor-key take on it. The lyrics, as always, are meaningful and well written. It's again a little less intense than songs like The Fire and The Ocean but is still really powerful.

You Don't Owe Me Anything
You Don't Owe Me Anything is the last song on the album. It rounds the album off nicely as it is a lot softer. It's about a break up and how people shouldn't feel guilty. The piano introduces the song whilst the other instruments come in later. It has a very raw and soft feel and I think a lot of people would be able to relate to the lyrics on quite a personal level.

And that's it I guess! My thoughts of each song! I absolutely love this album and all the songs and I feel like it really showcases Tonight Alive. Tonight Alive is one of my favourite bands as they can actually play their instruments and produce amazing music. Jenna Mcdougall is such a legend and has a huge vocal range, so please check out their music!!
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