A Change...


A change... Don't worry, it's not that drastic. Unless you religiously stalk my blogs, then it might be...
Mount. Etna in Sicily
The change - 
Over the next six weeks I am changing my blogging schedule, so that whilst I am off school, on my beloved summer holidays, I will be gracing you with even more blog posts; on Paint the Roses Red and My Imagination on Paper
I will be posting twice a week, from the last week in July to the first week of September. I will be blogging on Paint the Roses Red every Tuesday and I will be blogging on My Imagination on Paper every Friday.
This not so drastic, drastic change will commence on Tuesday 28th July and will finish on Friday 4th September. Then I shall return to posting on alternate weeks on each of my blogs.

I know change can trouble some people, and I hope you are not too traumatized by this little notice. But I honestly can't wait to blog more and I have so many exciting posts planned!

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