Florida Photo Diary (days 13-18)


I apologize for the delay, but here is the final installment of my Florida Photo Diary. This trip has been the second time I have vacated to Florida and I absolutely love it there, so hopefully I can go back in the years to come.
Day 13 - A shopping outlet we visited
Day 13 - A cute squirrel I spotted
Day 14 - A pretty little flower
Day 15 - A turtle nest on the beach
Day 15 - A beautiful beach sunset
Day 15 - A different perspective of the sunset that is also featured in the picture above
Day 16 - The view from a viewing platform at a national park we visited
Day 16 - The national park we visited
Day 16 - A slightly spine-chilling sign
Day 16 - Looking out onto the alligator infested lagoon
Day 16 - An alligator that appeared from the lagoon pictured above
Day 16 - The national park
Day 17 - A day spent by the beach
Day 18 - A final sunset
I have really enjoyed doing this photo diary and I will be creating another one for my trip to Majorca. So keep your eyes peeled!

Let me know in the comments what you've thought of this mini photo diary project.

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xoxo Ellen

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