Things That Make Me Happy


Inspired by Carrie Fletcher I decided to give this a go...

Carrie recently posted on her blog All I Know Now, two posts about what makes her happy. I thought this was a really good idea as sometimes we forget to acknowledge the little things in life which are accountable for the majority of our happiness.

So here is my list, of a few things which make me happy.

Bubble baths
That cool wind on a hot summers day
My Best Friend
Knowing that I have a network of people supporting me
Walt Disney
Disney Movies
Dreamworks Movies
Movies in general
Things being out of proportion from one another
Fluffy blankets
Silent noise
Being organised
Lengthy Skype calls
Old wooden bookcases
The Bodleian Library at Oxford University
Seeing other people smile
Sharing stories

In the comments, write 3 things that make you happy, and if you have the chance I urge you to create a list of your own. So that when you aren't feeling so happy, you can give it a quick look.

Useful Links:
Carrie's blog - All I Know Now

xoxo Ellen

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