Florida Photo Diary (days 6-12)


This is the second installment of my Florida Photo Diary! You can check out the first installment here.

Day 6 - getting a coffee and some cookies
Day 7 - Having dinner at Eat Here
Day 7 - The view from the Pier
Day 8 - A pretty little flower I found
Day 9 - Grouper and Crab for dinner
Day 10 - Beautiful sunset
 Day 10 - Another sunset picture

 Day 10 - Yet another sunset picture
Day 10 - And another, just for good measure
Day 11 - A photogenic Pelican
Day 11 - The view from the Pier
Day 11 - The sunset
Day 12 - Jellyfish at an aquarium we visited
Day 12 - A smilie fish
Day 12 - Sting Ray 
Day 12 - A beautiful Sea Turtle

And those photos bring us up to the present day. My third and final installment will appear on this blog on the 12th of August so please keep your eyes peeled for that!

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xoxo Ellen

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