Majorca Photo Diary (Days 7-9)


Welcome to the second and final Majorca Photo Diary installment!

Day 7 - Salted Asparagus
Day 7 - A delicious meal from a lovely restaurant 
Day 7 - A giant ant playing the guitar
Day 7 - Empty streets
Day 8 - Mountains
Day 8 - Pesto pasta in fancy
Day 8 - A few strawberries on top of a bowl of whipped cream
Day 9 - A street view
Day 9 - A view of the port
So that was the last installment on my Majorca Photo Diary. I hope you have enjoyed taking a look at my holiday memories for this year!

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xoxo Ellen

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  1. You've taken some lovely photos and the food looks so good!
    Btw I've put your button on my blog at your swap request
    Katie x


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