Majorca Photo Diary (Days 1-6)


Hello, hello, hello and welcome to the first installment of my Majorca Photo. Last week I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful island of Majorca, so today I am going to bring to you my photo diary.

If you didn't catch my Florida Photo Diary entries all the relevant links will be at the bottom of this post.

Day 1 - An overcast start
Day 2 - The sunset reflection
Day 3 - A day at the beach with some rather interesting clouds
Day 3 - Ducks
Day 4 - A pretty sky
Day 4 - The marina
Day 5 - A proud and complex sandcastle
Day 6 - A delicious seafood paella
And that concluded the first part of my photo diary. There will be one more coming after this so please don't forget to give that a quick look!

Useful Links -
Florida Photo Diary Entries

xoxo Ellen

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